Membership Requirements

  1. You are the parent, guardian, or caregiver of youth living in the City of Decatur, and

  2. You agree to uphold by our Parent Pledge.

The Parent Pledge is NOT a legally binding contract, but rather an agreement among parents to support one another and their children to maintain a safe and happy environment for education, growth, and fun.

Membership Benefits

Alert Texts

Any Network member can contact us anonymously with information they wish to share with the entire membership. If the information is time sensitive, pledge members will receive a text from the Parent Network.

Note: pledge members have the option to provide their cell phones to receive these texts, and can opt out at any time.

Age Specific Events

It's natural for kids to spend time with friends who have similar interests.
We believe they should have plenty of opportunities to gather, make new
pals, and try new, supervised activities that are safe and fun for all.

Network members are encouraged to connect with other members to host additional age-specific gatherings,
large and small.

Membership Directory

Network members have access to our private Membership Directory to facilitate connections and communications.