Parent Pledge

I will

  • Encourage good choices by my children and their friends. It is my job as a parent to be an active voice, preparing them to make positive choices for fun during and after their middle and high school years.

  • Encourage open dialogue with my children regarding drugs, alcohol, relationships, private cyber lives, and other risky areas in our youth culture.

  • Expect positive relationships between my children and other youth. No bullying, cyberbullying, no illicit photography or videos, no spreading rumors, and no harmful or hateful words about others. I will talk about the mental health consequences that can result. I will endeavor to model positive behavior with my family.

  • Set expectations for my children. I will know where they are going, who they are with, what their plans are, and when they will return home. I will ask whether there will be drugs or alcohol where they are going and if parents will be at home.

  • Keep all forms of alcohol and dangerous prescription drugs in a secure storage place, and I will ensure my children know I am monitoring any alcohol I have stored in our refrigerator. I will dispose of unused medications appropriately.

  • Actively supervise all gatherings or parties of youth in my home or on my property, and will endeavor to have at least one responsible adult for every 30 youth. I will not allow youth to possess or use alcohol, marijuana, tobacco or other illegal or non-prescribed drugs in my home or on my property. I recognize that youth should not leave gatherings unsupervised and then return.

  • Honestly and in good faith communicate with any Decatur Parents Network parent of a child I personally observe engaging in risky behavior. If another parent shares a situation with me about my child, I will thank them for the information. I do not want to be judged, and I will endeavor not to judge others.

This is NOT a legally binding contract.

It is an agreement among parents to support one another and their children to maintain a safe and happy environment for education, growth, and fun.

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