Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be a parent to join the Parents Network?

Yes. You must be a parent, guardian, or the caregiver of a child living in the City of Decatur to join the Parents Network.

However, we invite other family members, friends, businesses, and organizations to subscribe as NETWORK FRIEND. We're grateful for your support!

Why is a pledge a Parents Network membership requirement ?

A pledge, by its very nature, is a commitment to uphold certain values or rules and creates a common understanding between everyone in a group. Our Parent Pledge becomes your commitment to actively supervise youth and ensure they will not have access to alcohol or drugs while they are in your home.

Our pledge reinforces the fact that active parenting remains the single-most effective way to reduce risky behavior among youth. It reassures other parents in our Network their children are visiting safe, secure spaces.

Membership Benefits

  1. Access our private membership Directory containing contact and class information to facilitate your connections

  2. Age specific events

  3. Receive alert texts from Parent Network leadership

What if my kid starts to engage in risky behavior? How can the Parent Network help our family?

We welcome every family, and every family's circumstances.. Our mission is to help and support all parents access information, expertise, and professional advice. We can help parents tackle a variety of parenting challenges by directing you to local experts who can provide support specifically tailored to needs.

Why aren’t firearms mentioned in the Parent Pledge and discussed more as (extreme) risky behavior?

Well, honestly, the volunteers who drafted the original Pledge did not think to include them. We acknowledge addressing the safe management of firearms is a matter worthy of consideration for inclusion. At this time, we prefer a broader team of representing all our Parent Network members to review the Parent Pledge and develop a list of proposed substantive changes. We believe any amendments should occur through an open and inclusive process, as opposed to making one-off changes.