Speaker Series

Teen Mental Health

Stress, Anxiety, & Depression

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016, 7pm

DHS Performing Arts Center
310 North McDonough Street, Decatur, Georgia 30030

Stress, anxiety, and depression are common emotional problems among high school students, but they often go unnoticed, leaving teens to seek solace and solutions from peers.

Self-medicating options, i.e. drugs, alcohol, cutting, and suicide attempts, are the high risk (which the teen brain isn't yet able to discern) quick fixes many kids will employ in search of relief.

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Sunaina Jain, PhD
Child & Adolescent Psychologist
Founder & CEO
Pathways Transition Programs, INC

Dr. Jain, Founder and CEO of Pathways Transition Programs, INC, will talk about the very critical teenage developmental stage, the essential role of connection and mastery (in all our lives).

She will explore ways parents can help teems avoid the potential consequences when unaddressed stress, anxiety, and depression can interrupt the normal pursuit of these important life aspects.

Ranjan Avasthi, MD
Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
Medical Director
Pathways Transition Programs, INC

Peace of Mind Health Services
Medical College of Georgia
Anchor Hospital

Dr. Avasthi, Medical Director at Pathways Transition Programs, INC, will speak about the role of psychiatric care for teens struggling with stress, anxiety, and depression.

He'll also explain when/how/why appropriate medication management provides support while critical new skills can be learned for coping with life's constant challenges.


This complimentary presentation is sponsored by
Decatur Parents Network, a sub-committee of the DHS Parent Teacher Student Association.